Monday, February 22, 2010

A Great Event for a VERY Necessary Cause

One of the advantages of the blogosphere is that it provides the occasional opportunity for shameless self-promotion :)

My readers know me from every facet of my life -- congregants and current friends know a Rabbi who works with kids and camping, is active in the larger community promoting mutual understanding and respect, who works with the junior choir, and occasionally leads services with guitar strapped on.

Those who know me from camp -- whether the earlier years or now as a faculty member -- know the guy who can still hold his own on the ballfield, and occasionally picks up the guitar for fun. Those who know me from long ago, even if you saw me on the ballfield or were there for those first tentative guitar strums, probably still have difficulty imagining either of those as still being an integral part of my life all these years later. And the ones who never saw that side of me, all the moreso :)

I have come a long way from those early days -- when anything that got me positive attention was a miracle, when being in the spotlight was something to be avoided. I have come even further from those over-reactive middle days, when it might have appeared that every move I made was designed to bring attention to myself.

As I approach the big 5-0, I am in a very comfortable place -- I do what I do today because it is right and needs to be done. Those who get it, and support and applaud me for what I do, are appreciated -- you DO keep me going -- but are not necessary for me to do these things. And if people are less than kind, I let that roll off as well.

This is where I stop talking about myself -- and push this Sunday's big concert! Because even though I am in it, this is SOO not about me!

Sunday, February 28th --
3 PM at the Bowie Center for the Performing Arts
"Bowie Cares: heart 2 heart 4 Haiti"

Featuring local talent including -- The Crayfish, Long Time Coming, Plan 9, Shir Joy, the Dave Bass Group, Retro Deluxe, Owen Adams, Brea Wimbush, Mark Arcusa, and more.

Proceeds go to help Haitian Relief, especially to Handicap International, co-winner of the 1997 Nobel Prize for Peace, who were already working in Haiti before the earthquakes hit. They not only provide prostheses and rehab for amputees, but teach them how to make what they need for themselves using local materials. Our goal is to get every penny possible to Haiti, and into the hands of those who can help -- no one involved in this event is taking a penny for themselves!

And, both before and following the concert, a number of local restaurants are kicking in proceeds toward the cause. These include -- TJ Elliot's, Old Town Bowie Grille, and Cetrone's, who will be making a contribution for every delivery all weekend, AND encouraging their customers to contribute as well.

We did something similar 5 years ago to help the tsunami victims. It was fun, and great entertainment for a great cause. And, we raised almost $8000! Honestly -- this time, the entertainment and organization are even better, and with your help we can make an even BIGGER impact on the lives of Haitians who have very little reason or opportunity for hope and enjoyment right now.

Ticket prices are $15 for adults, $5 for kids 11 and under, and $10 for students and active military who can show ID, as well as seniors. We COULD have charged more -- after all, the cause is good! But in this tough economy, we were striving for an event that was family-friendly -- both in what we put on the stage, and in allowing families to all enjoy together -- including a meal out before or after! And the entertainment is among the best Bowie has to offer, and represents a wide variety of styles, and the diversity that is our community.

For those of you close enough to join us, I hope you will come for a great afternoon of music. And, for those of you far enough away to be unable to attend in person, if the cause strikes you as it does me as being worthwhile, all contributions are welcome and tax deductible to the limit the law allows -- just contact me and I'll give you the details.

And if enough of you out-of-towners DO contribute to the cause, I promise to try and get some bootleg footage posted from the concert, so you can see what you missed! So come on -- you can't pass up the chance to see me possibly look silly -- can you? Not for a good cause!

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