Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another New Weis Man Blog

It has been a very productive week here in the Weis Man portion of the blogosphere. I am excited to welcome into the fold my old college buddy, James Schwartz, whose blog, "A Sporting Chance," is now appearing here under my banner.

Jim was the sports editor of our college paper, and brings the same passion today that he did all those years ago. Some of his postings will take on the sacred cows of sports -- the fat cats, the disproven mythologies, the unacknowledged weaknesses needing address. Others, as I belief his first effort here demonstrates, will help us regain prespective after significant sports events, and even draw from them valuable life lessons. Still others will be designed to provoke discussion and debate, even argument, among fans. All as a good sports blog should.

Please join me in welcoming and supporting my old and dear friend, Jim Schwartz, and his new blog! As with the other parts of the empire -- all are linked on the lower right hand of this page, and will eventually all be cross-linked to one another :)

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