Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Getting Started


With these words I take my first, ever so tentative steps into the blogosphere....

It is not that I question my ability to fill space with words (those who know me best will affirm that truth!). It is not even the fear of what others might say in response to my words -- indeed, besides posting my sermons here each week (probably on the following Tuesdays), and my monthly columns of similar name from Temple Topics, I intend to use this space to put out there for congregants, family, and friends (not necessarily in that order!) links to articles and other sites specifically designed to stimulate debate and discussion!

Rather, it is the cyber version of the old party fear -- What if no one shows up? -- or the philosopher's riddle about the proverbial tree in the forest. What if none of the anticipated results materialize. What if, heaven forbid, no one CARES?

I will do my part -- I have taken the plunge. But now, it is up to you out there to decide the success or failure of this venture. My blogofate is in YOUR hands!

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