Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ha' Blog on Israel in Haiti

Israel has received a surprising amount of coverage, much of it positive, in the mainstream media, for her involvement in the rescue efforts in Haiti, and I trust that has filled many of us with a sense of pride.

This thoughtful piece, taken from one of the blogs of Ha', Israel's leading Hebrew language newspaper, written by Bradley Burston, opens our eyes to some of the other responses that have been directed at Israel's efforts, somewhat less positively, and raises some very challenging questions for us, and the world at large, to grapple with, if we hope to see Israel attain a meaningful and lasting peace.

The article can be found here. I am very curious to see what shape our discussion of this article takes.

If the link is not working automatically (and this one appears not to be as I create this blog), simply cut and paste it into your browser.

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